Roll back the years with Skin Needling

Often misunderstood tool that can truly transport your skin to next-level greatness. Here we break down exactly how to get the most of it in 5 simple-but-effective steps.

It can look a little intimidating. It can look potentially painful.

ideal for sun-damaged, prematurely aged skin, or those prone to pigmentation, congestion, and even acne scarring; it’s not suitable for highly sensitised or reactive skin. As you roll the device over your face

Preparation and aftercare

  • 2 weeks prior to treatment:
  • Avoid Laser Hair Removal, waxing, depilatory creams, and IPL treatments on the face
  • Avoid Cosmetic Grade Peels
  • Avoid Cosmetic Injectables
  • Avoid sun exposure, always wear SPF
  • For clients with medium to dark skin tones or prone to hyperpigmentation, we advise you to prep the skin with a melanin inhibitor such as the skinstitut Even Blend serum. This will help reduce the risk of hyperpigmentation after the treatment